Der Wimpel

Electro-Hydraulic Linear Drive

The e-ahp Electro-Hydraulic Linear Drive combines the advantages of all previous technical solutions for a linear drive system in just one successful product!


Advantages of e-ahp technology:  

  • Never again oil and dirt
  • Low maintenance / downtime
  • Easy integration 
  • Optimum process control of all parameters




These 4 series are available:

e-ahp BASIC
For fast, small stroke

  • For punching, bending, cutting, pressing etc.
  • Also for positioning tasks
  • Very direct drive without valve technology
  • Full 4-quadrant operation (push/pull)

e-ahp ECO
To build up and hold force

  • For bending, cutting, pressing etc.
  • No electric valve control
  • Robust hydraulic position locking system

e-ahp PROVE
Secures your process

  • high repeat accuracies
  • very good control properties
  • for test bench construction 

If you want it to go fast

  • Electrically switching
  • Extreme rapid speeds and high forces
  • For highest throughput in production applications


But what exactly is an e-ahp drive 

It is a force and position controlled linear axis for high forces of up to several 100 tons and accuracies in the µm range.


An e-ahp drive only consumes energy when it is needed in the process. Oil leaks caused by burst or leaking hoses are just as much a thing of the past as energy-intensive and noisy central hydraulic units or pneumatic compressors.


The e-ahp series stand out due to an encapsulated system without rotary seals. The systems are extremely wear-resistant and so unsoiled that they can also be used in clean rooms or in food production without hesitation.


Lift your products to a new technology level with the e-ahp linear drives! 

Our 4 standard series can be used for most applications. 



"The e-ahp Electro-Hydraulic Linear Drive combines the advantages of electric (clean, maintenance-free, simple connection) and hydraulic drive (high forces, high speeds).
A trend-setting product!"

Christen Merkle, CEO